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Our goal is to learn while having fun.

Our Value Proposition

With 7 years of experience, we have designed an innovative year-around part-time school with the goal of reaching fluency in French and developing your child's cognitive and social skills, in particular empathy and collaboration.

The afterschool is the first of our three programs, along with the summer camps and the cultural programs. It runs from September till the end of May.

Our pedagogy is immersive because it's the proven most efficient way to learn a language. It is play-based as play is "a ramp of joyful learning"* which bolsters social and cognitive skills, improves problem-solving, creativity, abstract thinking and collaboration.

Our teachers and teacher assistants are either native speakers from France and other French-speaking countries or have a command of French comparable to a native speaker. They are credentialed in their country of origin and/or trained on a continuous basis by our school.

Our ratio is 1 teacher for 8 students and our maximum class-size is 15 students. When we are made aware by the parents of a student having a learning difference, we will provide a dedicated assistant at no additional cost.

To reach fluency, we recommend that your child attends the afterschool program for 27 weeks during the school year, takes at least 4 cultural outings and participates for three weeks in our summer camps.

It takes between 8-11 years to reach bilingualism. Bilingual children grow to become global citizens, who understand other people's perspective better and can create new things, new solutions. They think "outside the box" as a second nature.

Bon voyage avec EFBA !

*Tom Little and Katherine Ellison in "Loving Learning - How Progressive Education can Save America's Schools", Norton (2015)


Our Classes - School Year 2015-2016

French native speakers

  • Petits Francophones (K and 1st Grades)
    This class welcomes non readers and beginning readers. The class is conducted strictly in French and the students will learn to play with words and sounds through songs and rhythms. They will also have the opportunity to start learning how to read in French.
  • Grands Francophones (2nd to 5th Grades)
    In this class, students will be encouraged to develop their oral and writing skills.
    The 2ndand 3rd graders will be introduced to the basics of grammar and conjugation. They will learn through various type of literary contents such as tales and legends and will be exposed to French cultural heritage.
    The students  from 4thand 5th Grades will get a greater exposure to francophone culture through a wide range of books, fiction and non-fiction and will also be introduced to social studies in the francophone world. 
  • Middle School Francophone A1/A2 (6th Grade and above)
    The DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) is an official certification of French-language skills for non-native speakers. The DELF is recognized in France, the European Union, and internationally.
    The Collège A1/A2 class prepares the students for the level A2 exam, in 2 years. Throughout this class, the students will use news stories, books and works from both classical and contemporary writers and artists. They will learn how to work with detailed instructions, to argue their position and use relevant vocabulary.

Non-native speakers

  • Petits Anglophones (K and 1st Grades)
    This class welcomes non-readers and beginning readers. The students will discover French through games and songs and will learn some basic vocabulary to present themselves and describe simple situations. 
  • Grands Anglophones (2nd to 5th Grades)
    In this class, we will introduce grammar and conjugation, increase students' vocabulary and initiate them to francophone culture. The objective for the students is to become autonomous in simple everyday life siuations (family, meals, holidays, school, etc.).
  • Middle School Anglophones (7th Grade and above)
    The purpose of this class is to ensure students reach the French 1 level so that they may integrate French 2 when entering high school. 

Which class is the most fit for your child?

Pre-orientation: take this test.

Placement test: each child will take a placement test at the beginning of the year to assess his/her French knowledge and establish which level is right for him. We reserve the right to re-assign the student to a different class based on test results.


Our Faculty

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Class time

Tuition class time

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3 hours a week for 27 weeks





$ 10 /h







School Year Calendar: We follow the Pleasanton Unified School District calendar.


Click on the link "Register" next to the class for which you wish to enroll your child/children. You'll be redirected to our secure online registration website. On this website, you will be able to fill out the registration form, enroll your child/children and pay online.

For EFBA members, the sibling discount will be calculated and confirmed once we will receive your online registration. You will receive an email confirmation before your credit card is charged.

Trial class: more information.

Tuition payments

If you decide to become an EFBA member, the membership fee will be charged on the same day. The tuition fee will be paid in 2 installments :

- 1st installment: 50% due on September 1st.

- 2nd installment: 50%  due on February 1st. 

If you do not become an EFBA member, the tuition fee will be paid in 3 installments :

- $400 per child at registration

- 1st installment: 50% of the amount letf due on September 1st.

- 2nd installment: 50%  of the amount left due on February 1st. 



Cancellation policy

·  The EFBA membership fee can’t be reimbursed.

·  If you want to cancel your registration, you have until the end of the 2nd week of classes. If a payment was made, it will be entirely reimbursed. Starting from the begining of the 3rd week of class, no reimbursement will be possible.

·  There will be no reimbursement in case of cancellation occuring during the school year, except in case of medical emergency or move away from the Bay Area. However, EFBA members will benefit from a credit, valid for a year, starting from the day of the request. The credit value can’t be inferior nor superior of a semester’s tuition.


Terms and conditions

EFBA reserves the right to cancel and/or change the schedule, locations or time of any classes or sessions at any time without liability. If a class is cancelled, you will be refunded.

See our detailed terms and conditions for more information.

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