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Mehmet Musa (middle school classes)

Alice Tien (middle school classes)

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Cherry Chase Elementary  Laurelwood Elementary School
1138 Heatherstone Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
955 Teal Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051


Our goal is to learn while having fun.


Our Classes - School Year 2014-1015

French native speakers

  • Moyens Francophones (2ndand 3rd Grades - 3 hours/week)
    This level introduces the basics of grammar and conjucation. Students will learn through various literary contents such as tales and legends and will be introduced to French cultural heritage. This class will be taught at Cherry Chase Elementary. REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS
  • Grands Francophones Social Studies (4th & 5th Grades - 4 hours/week)
    This is a new class we are offering this year. It will focus on improving language skills while also introducing students to social studies and what it means to have a bicultural education. The purpose of the class is twofold: one part will be dedicated to writing skills and discovering French literature and a few major authors; the second part will focus on history and geography.  This class will be taught at Laurelwood Elementary School. REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS
  • Middle School Francophones (6th Grade and above - 3 hours/week)
    This level prepares students for the DELF exam. The DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) is an official certification of French-language skills. The DELF is recognized in France, the European Union, and internationally.
    These classes also prepare students for the level A2 exam as well as the level B1 and B2 exams, in 2 years. This class will be taught at Laurelwood Elementary School. REGISTER FOR 6TH & 7TH GRADERS (CF1)

Non-native speakers 

  • Petits Anglophones (K and 1st Grade - 3 hours/week)
    This class welcomes non-readers and beginner readers. The students will discover French through games and songs and will learn some basic vocabulary to present themselves and describe simple situations.This class will be taught at Cherry Chase Elementary. REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS
  • Grands Anglophones (4th and 5th Grade - 3 hours/week)
    In this class, we will introduce grammar and conjugation, increase students' vocabulary and initiate them to francophone culture. The objective for the students is to become autonomous in simple everyday life siuations (family, meals, holidays, school, etc.) This class will be taught at Laurelwood Elementary School. WAITLIST
  • Middle School Anglophones (6th Grade and above - 3 hours/week) 
    This class prepares students for the A2 level exam in 2 years. The purpose of this class is to ensure students reach the French 1 level so that they may integrate French 2 when entering high school. This class will be taught at Laurelwood Elementary School. REGISTER FOR 6TH & 7TH GRADERS (CA1)

Placement test: each child will take a placement test at the beginning of the year to assess his/her French knowledge and establish which level is right for him. We reserve the right to re-assign the student to a different class based on test results.


Pricing & Payment

  4 hrs/week 3 hrs/week
Lump sum payment:
- Upon registration


 3 installments:
- Upon registration
- October 1st
- February 1st



*By making a one-time payment for the entire school year, you will save $70 on the tuition for the classes that meet twice a week for 2 hours ($50 for classes that meet twice a week for 1.5 hours).  

Sibling discounts: A 10 % sibling discount will be applied on each registered child of the same family.

Registration to one of the above classes grants access to our programs Museum Quest and Kids Night Out throughout the year, at no additionnal cost! Space is limited. Registration (and cancellation, when applicable) is required.



Play time before class: A 30-minute pre-class play time is available prior to the Petits Anglophones class at Cherry Chase Elementary. An adult will watch the children and play with them in French. 
School Year Calendar: We follow the Sunnyvale School District calendar



Click on the link "Register" next to the class for which you wish to enroll your child/children. You'll be redirected to our secure online registration website. On this website, you will be able to fill out the registration form, enroll your child/children and pay online.

The sibling discount will be calculated and confirmed once we will receive your online registration. You will receive an email confirmation before your credit card is charged.

Try-out class: Want your child/children to try out a French class and see what it's like before committing? Please contact your site coordinators for more information.

Terms and conditions

EFBA reserves the right to cancel and/or change the schedule, locations or time of any classes or sessions at any time without liability. If a class is cancelled, you will be refunded.

See our detailed terms and conditions for more information.

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