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Building future bridges

- Cross-over class survey between EFBA and the Lycée Français -


International moving, changes in interest, medical diagnosis of learning differences, job loss or promotion, aging parents back home, college plans in Canada or in the hyper competitive « preparatory classes » in France. There are many reasons why parents would want to switch back to the French schooling system (aka « les lycées français », where students prepare the « brevet des collèges », the middle school  certificate, and the « baccalauréat », the highschool diploma), in the course of a 15-year life journey from pre-K to pre-adulthood. All too often though, the families feel stuck and frustrated. They’ve missed the « narrow entry gate” into the French school system and now they are out of options, even though they see the value of the French system in terms of quality and tax-payers’ funded opportunities in higher education.

EFBA and the Lycée Français de San Francisco share the belief of creating opportunities for as many students as possible. Both our organizations understand that the possibility to transfer between the two systems creates options. Thus we are surveying the families to create a cross-over class(« classe passerelle »), which would allow students currently attending an American school to switch to the French « lycée » system and prepare the « brevet des collèges » and the « baccalauréat » diplomas.

We thank you for participating in this survey. It will only take you 5-10 minutes.  We also would like to thank you in advance for sharing it with your friends and neighbors. The more responses we gather, the better we can design this cross-over class and serve best the needs of the French-American community.

This survey is carried out by Education Française Bay Area and remains solely its responsibility.

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Who we are?

EFBA is a nonprofit offering high quality yet affordable French after school programs to both francophone and anglophone children. Our classes are aimed at children ages 5-18, and take place in local schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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